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How much does each SB Jacks event cost?

Each event costs $5 to attend. These funds are used to cover the cost of hosting each event including providing lube, towels, antibacterial moist wipes, and cleaning the event space.

How long do I have to check-in before an event starts?

The first 15 minutes of an event is the check-in window. During this window the hosts will check attendees in as well as distribute towels, wristbands, etc. After the check-in window no additional attendees will be allowed to join (even if they have payed for the event) and the event will begin.

Will there be a place to store my belongings?

Yes, at all events there is an area to store your belongings, but we ask that you DO NOT bring any valuables as the storage area is not always monitored.

Is there a restroom at SB Jacks?

Yes, there is a restroom at all event spaces.

When do I get all of the details about an SB Jacks event?

The details for each event will be sent to your email after you register for an event.

What items will be provided at an SB Jacks event?

Lube, towels, and antibacterial moist wipes will be provided at all SB Jacks events.

Can I bring things to help me jack off?

Yes! Feel free to bring anything that will help you jack off (e.g., cock ring, fleshlight, etc.) so long as they do not conflict with our code of conduct (e.g., drugs, alcohol, recording devises, etc.).